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Librarians Welcome Message


Welcome to KTTC Library. The library seeks to promote the vision and mission of the college by providing timely access to quality and relevant information resources in a variety of media to meet the research,teaching and learning needs of the college.


The library is fully automated  and networked, and therefore provides equal information access to all the library holdings. Library users at KTTC library have the opportunity to enjoy and discover rich print and e-resources collections and facilities.


The libraray is professionally organised and managed by competent and qualified staff and support personnel. It is organised into fine major and customer focused sections namely-Technical services, References services, serials section, circulations service and ICT section. The library has also subscribed to-resources through KLISC(Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium)


KTTC library is committed to maintaining higher standards by embracing and intergrating modern technologies in information management to be in tandem mth the global community agenda to ensure open access to library and information resources for long life learning.


ABOUT the library

KTTC library was established in 1978 along along with the institution to support the study and teaching of Technical, Business and pedagogical disciplines within the framework of the institutions programmes. The library accomplishes this by providing the required information resources to the courses offered, supplementary,reading materials, reference collection and e resources. It also serves as a research arm of the institution. It is well equipped with computers to serve the users they do their research.


Library opening hours

Monday – Friday 8.00am -10.00pm

Saturdays - 9.00am-5pm

Sundays and public holiday-closed

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The library is automated and networked. Users can access the resources available in our library using OPAC within KTTC. Standard search allows users to enter subject, title or author keywords when searching the collection. The number of results returned displays at the bottom of the screen. To assist users with narrowing search results, the standard search support the AND, OR, and NOT Boolean operations searches (?) and phrase searches (“).



To provide the quality information resources to enhance academic work I technical training and research through and extensive range of information resources.



“to provide quality information resources to enhance academic work in technical training and research”




  • To provide relevant and quality information resources for quality Technical Training.
  • To ensure that all new registered students in the institution are oriented on library operations by the second week of registration.
  • To ensure that all library information resources lifespan is prolonged by applying the relevant preservation methods.

Library collections

The collection consists of book, government publications, research reports, theses, newspapers, magazines and journals. There are also e-resources form several publishes, hosted through KLISC (Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium).

Resource Categories

General collection:

 Books in the general collection are loaned for a period of two weeks to students and one month to staff. All registered users can borrow books in this category.

Reserve /short loan:

These books are on closed access and the collection is within the circulation section. This collection is specially recommended by the departments for use by students. Books are borrowed for a period of three hours and can b read outside the library. Reserve books can be borrowed overnight and returned the following morning. Overdue fines are charged on defaulters as laid out in the library rules and regulations.

Reference collection:

These are resources for reference purposes only. Resources in this collection are used only within the library. These include dictionaries, atlases, maps, encyclopedias, e.t.c

Serial :

These include journals, magazines and newspapers.These are housed in the serials section. KNEC projects, business plans and past KNEC exam papers are also housed here.These resources are used only within the serial section.

Special collection:

These include reports, theses, and dissertation, internal projects and press cuttings. They are housed at the reference section.

Library services

The library offers the following services.


  • Lending of books
  • Reference services
  • Serials services
  • ICT services
  • Orientation on usage of library resources

Service sections


Circulation is the central service point of KTTC library. It facilitates customer care relations with students, staff and departments in the borrowing and returning of information resources.

Reference and special collection section:

The section houses the rich collection of reports from various fields, internal research reports as well as, government and NGO’s publications. Indexing of press cutting (from local newspapers) is also one of the key functions of this sections. The services enable our users easily retrieve essential  information particularly on local issues reported in these publications.

ICT section:

This section houses computers within the library which enables our users access information through the internet, wifi, and online research from the library’s e-resources. This section ideal for research.

Library Membership


  • All staff (teaching and non-teaching) and students of KTTC must be registered as library members to enable them use the facility and borrow books. The student/staff identity card facilitates borrowing of books and utilization of other library services. If a user fails to register, they will be charged Khs 200.00 when they will b clearing from the institution.
  • All categories of library materials are borrowed using the identity card.This includes short loan materials, projects and use of library computers.
  • The KTTC ID must be produced whenever required by the library staff.
  • Library fee is payable every term for students.
  • Researchers and other external users are allowed to use the library at a normal fee of Khs 2000.00 per year.

Library rules and regulations


  • Silence must be observed in the library.
  • Eating and drinking in the library is forbidden.
  • Brief cases and bags are not allowed. They should be left at the baggage area.
  • Library books used within the library should be left on the tables and not re shelved by users.
  • Personal books or files should not be left on the desk for more than ten minutes. Proir reserving or sitting space is not allowed.
  • Order and good mannerisms should be observed in the library. Placing feet on desks,eating or sleeping in the library is not allowed.
  • Use  the provided bins to dispose litter.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal library property is a punishable offense.
  • Writing on, underlining and tearing library property is not allowed.
  • Use of mobile phones is not allowed within the library. Security personnel the authority to confiscate users mobile phones if used within the library. A fee of Khs 50.00 is charged for using the mobile phone in the library.
  • Ipods, MP3players, walk mans, earphones, and other. Players should not be brought into the library.


New books

A newly received books list is compiled every time new books are received and circulated to the members of the teaching staff.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Address: P.O. Box 44600 – 00100 Nairobi

Telephone: +254 020 7120212/13 Ext. 212

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.