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It is the responsibility of the training institution to:


  • Indentify trainees who are qualified to go on attachment
  • Conduct an industrial attachment orientation and induction to trainees
  • Identify opportunities from the industry and match them with the number of trainees qualified to go for attachment
  • Prepare a code of conduct to be observed by attachees
  •  Provide log books to attachees

 It is the responsibility of the industry to:


  • Appoint an industry supervisor/mentor for the trainee/attachee
  • Carry out formal introduction/induction to the workplace
  • Design a weekly program of work for the intern to carry out while on attachment
  • Develop clear and well communicated expectations of the work program
  • Expose attachees to relevant activities and training opportunities
  • Supervise and assess progress of the attachees
  • Complete and release the log book of the attachees


It is the responsibility of the attached trainee to:


  • Read and observe the code of conduct applicable to the work place
  • Report to the training institution any problems encountered
  • Fill the log book daily and have it endorsed by both the industry and the training institution supervisor