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General Objectives.

By the end of the Industrial attachment period, the trainee should be able to:

  • Understand the constraints of working life and functional relationships within and between organizations
  • Appreciate the importance of human relations and work attitudes
  • Develop procedural knowledge towards work processes
  • Apply theoretical concepts and school based skills to practice
  • Develop work attitudes like curiosity, self-confidence, maturity and self reliance
  • Obtain knowledge of potential careers and develop new areas of interest


The Industrial Attachment Scheme will enable Training Institutions to:


  • Establish links with industry for technical development particularly in the area of product innovation, design and construction
  • Know skill gaps and improve quality training
  • Obtain materials for teaching and case studies
  • Have a balanced assessment of trainees


The Industrial Attachment Scheme will enable employers to:


  • Understand future skill availability
  • Improve the training delivered at training institutions for industrial relevance
  • Influence the training of future generation of employees