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Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the following posts at Kenya Technical Trainers College.




The Kenya Technical Trainers College seeks to appoint a suitable candidate to the position of a Chief Finance Officer.

i.         Personal Information










Direct Reports:

a)      Deputy Finance Officer

b)      Accountant

Indirect Reports:

a)      Assistant Accountants

b)      Accounts Clerks

ii.       Purpose of the Job:

This position is responsible for the development of prudent finance and Accounting and planning strategies, policies and reporting guidelines in compliance with statutory finance and planning regulations to enable the College to run effectively and efficiently.

iii.     Main Responsibilities of the Job:

Managerial Responsibilities:

a)      Provide professional advisory and critical leadership in the charting the vision, mission in tandem with mandate of the College;

b)      Provide technical guidance in the analyzing of the strategic direction of the College including the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the College's strategic objectives, strategies, programmes, activities and inputs, outputs and outcomes;

c)       Provide technical leadership and coordination role in the College's annual estimates preparation process with internal and external stakeholders;

d)      Provide managerial accounting support to the programmes time scheduling and costing for effective programmes execution planning;

e)      Prepare and analyze of the periodic performance contracting measurement tools and reporting for the College;

f)        Provide technical expertise in the projects preparation for Ministry’s development support programs;

g)      Provide technical leadership on proper recording and accounting of  programmes and activities expenditure by the College to both internal and external stakeholders as per best governance practices and statutory regulations;

h)      Partner strategically with Ministry of Education  and other stakeholders in pursuit of resources for the attainment of the College's mandate;

i)        Provide oversight of the College's assets and minimizing its exposure to liabilities;

j)        Provide risk assessment and managing the same by ensuring institutionalization of adequate internal control systems.

Operational Responsibilities:

a)      Advise on  the preparation of  the College's  strategic plans and guidance  on  economic  policy issues;

b)      Advise various boards and the College on planning related issues;

c)       Serve as liaison and performs all necessary functions in support of planning for the College;

d)      Provide direction in the analysis associated with monitoring progress on performance contract targets;

e)      Prepare progress reports on the Colleges' achievement of performance contract (PC) targets;

f)        Monitor the compliance by the College to the pursuit and compliance of its mandate;

g)      Advise on  the planning  ,implementation, monitoring and  evaluation  of  the Colleges strategic programmes, projects and activities;

h)      Serve as liaison and performs all necessary functions in support of planning for the College;

i)        Participate in budget preparation. monitoring and evaluation  of  expenditures  and work  plans and the attainment  or otherwise of value for money;

j)        Prepare reports on operations and activities, recommending improvements  and modifications;

k)      Perform and manage complex and sensitive professional planning projects. research and analysis;

l)        Direct economic planning functions or production of statistical data in the College;

m)    Coordinate with the Finance Division, a system to ensure that program planning, including inputs and targets, are aligned with the overall program log frames and other types of M&E indicators;

n)      Synthesize and analyze data for summary and thematic reports on M&E findings;

o)      Develop guidelines and standards for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Colleges' project interventions.

Nature of decision making:

a)      Strategic

b)      Financial

c)       Analytical

d)      Operational

iv.     Qualifications Knowledge and Skills:

Minimum level of academic qualifications required to perform effectively in the role:

a)      Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Strategic Management or an equivalent from a recognized university;

b)      Bachelors’ degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or Equivalent.

Minimum level of professional qualification required to perform effectively in the role:

a)      Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPA-K);

b)      Registered Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).

Minimum level of knowledge that would be regularly applied to the job (Need to know):

a)      Computer literacy;

b)      Knowledge of the Public Finance Management Act;

c)       Knowledge of the Integrated Finance Management Information System (IFMIS);

d)      Knowledge of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Typical soft skills that would be regularly applied to the job (Attributes):

a)      Leadership skills;

b)      Communication skills;

c)       Interpersonal skills;

d)      Organisational skills;

e)      Ability to work under pressure;

f)        Negotiation skills;

g)      Ability to build and lead cohesive teams;

h)      Problem solving skills;

i)        Meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya.

v.       Relevant Experience Required:

Seven (7) years, five (5) of which should be in a comparable position from a reputable organization or educational Institution.