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(MOODLE PLATFORM) – Training for Industrialisation.


 A New Approach to Automotive Engineering



  1. To equip trainees with relevant knowledge, that is aimed at increasing the influence of industry.
  2. To improve quality of Automotive Technology Application through ICT in Moodle platform.
  3. To develop relevant expertise skills in trainees, with emphasis on Toyota & D.T. Dobies vehicles technologies (to competency based training).


The mechanism of introducing modern ICT in E-learning platform in Automotive Engineering was to gear our syllabus in order to enhance teaching in our technical institutions and youth polytechnics in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Through the Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology, new  machines and tools including  better workshop facilities were procured for the department of mechanical Engineering (Automotive option) by the Government of Kenya in collaboration with the Netherlands Government. In particular at the beginning of the year 2012, Kenya Technical Trainers College(KTTC) received a diversified variety of these machines. From 23rd February to 31st May 2012, I researched and developed other methods of enhancing teaching and training in Automotive Engineering.


This teaching and training methodology is in line with competency based training through the use of modern technology. In Automotive Engineering the use of ICT in E-learning platforms demonstrations show case creates a relevant discussion among the students from Technical Institutions and Youth Polytechnics.

Large number of students in TVET institutions expressed their interest during their learning sessions of their course in Automotive Engineering using the latest technologies that contributed to 100% knowledge retention.

Continuous visits to various TVET institutions in our country coupled with intensive data analysis revealed the 100% knowledge retention when ICT in e-learning platforms are used. This marked the birth of e-learning in Automotive Engineering using Digital migration platform which has much emphasis on the industry. These emphasis forms a solid ground for competency based training to the Artisans, Craft & Diploma students.

The electronic learning materials incorporates multimedia elements such as videos, photographs, illustrations, animations and sound effects to give the trainee an exciting perspective of the hands-on experience. The trainees are able to embark on explanatory learning and realistic hands-on guides and demonstrations which empowers them negotiate their way into the job market in the industry for productive services. These skills enable the trainees to acquire a wide range of skills to perform several tasks hence making them more competitive. This will make the trainees responsible and committed to meeting the needs of the industry and the country vision 2030 and beyond goals.

Lifelong education and training are foundations of any democratic society, the technology promises to play a significant role in empowering trainers and trainees.


George Kimani Minyaru

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