The office of the Deputy Principal AA ensures that term programmes and time tables are made in time and all lessons are taught efficiently and effectively by our lecturers who are highly qualified. As for the students, it is mandatory that they attend classes regularly, do their assignments, continuous assessment test and examinations to the best of their ability. Only students who meet the requirements are released to schools, technical institutions, youth polytechnics or the industries. Before the students finally graduate, they would have passed through both training and practice, that is, course work, teaching practice or attachment

The Academic Departments under the Deputy Principal (AA) include:

  • Building and Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instructor Training
  • Computer Studies
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Education (Clothing and Textile Technology)
  • Education (Foods and Beverage)
  • Education Department
  • Business Education
  • English
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Physical Education
  • Teaching Practice
  •  Examinations
  •  Information Studies
  •  Library User
  •  Instructor Training
  •  Entrepreneurship
  • Guidance and counseling
  • ODEL Department collaborations.


All the departments help in ensuring that relevant courses are offered. To remain relevant, the office of Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Affairs has facilitated the teaching of  second subjects as per the requirement of one employer and also the employer of most of our students teachers: Teachers Service Commission. The recently introduced second teaching subjects include: English, Physics and Mathematics.These subjects are combined with relevant technical subjects such as Information Communication Technology, Business Education or engineering subjects.  It is our hope this will open doors to our students.