1.       LIBRARIAN – Ref-KTTC/L/04/17


The Kenya Technical Trainers College seeks to appoint a suitable candidate to the position of a Librarian.


i.         Personal Information









Reports to: Deputy Principal – Academic Affairs

Direct Reports:

a)      Library Assistant I/II


Indirect Reports:

a)      Library Attendants

b)      Reprographic Technician III

ii.       Purpose of the Job:

This position is responsible for the effective management of library services within the College to enhance the link between knowledge creators and knowledge users for the provision of learning and development solutions.

iii.     Main Responsibilities of the Job:

Managerial Responsibilities

a)      Implement the library policies and procedures that conform to the national library guidelines

b)      Take custody of institutions publications to ensure proper maintenance and availability when needed for future use

c)       Allocate tasks and  supervise staff in the institution library  for optimal resource utilization in accordance to set work plans and schedules

d)      Ensure Security of Information materials and the office equipment to assist in the management of documents to be charged and discharged to users.

Operational Responsibilities:

a)      Manage  information storage and retrieval systems that conform to library best practices

b)      Develop procedures of collection, organization, interpretation and classification of information to aide library navigation.

c)       Participate in development of the budget for the library as a useful source of information for the institution

d)      Supervise  registration of new users and clearance of library users and also compile a list if the fines for defaulters for sign off to establish security of information material

e)      Ensure the library  computerized security system is in good working condition to enhance the information material protection

f)        Update website with important information and advice staff and other users accordingly to ensure accurate information dissemination.

g)      Routinely supervise the library staff to ensures seamless flow of work and timely achievements of deliverables.

h)      Conduct performance appraisal and handle disciplinary issues in the library for staff working under him to facilitate efficient performance management.

i)        Track the enquiries received in the institution by post, email, personal visits and by telephone for easy follow up.

iv.     Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills:

For appointment to this grade, an officer must:

Have Bachelors Degree in information studies or its equivalent.

Typical soft skills that would be regularly applied to the job (Attributes):

a)      Communication skills

b)      Interpersonal skills

c)       Organisational skills

d)      Ability to work under pressure

e)      Ability to work well with teams

f)        Problem solving skills

g)      Supervisory skills

h)      Conflict Management

v.        Experience Required:

Five (5) years relevant working experience preferably in a learning institution