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Background Information

At the time of inception of KTTC in 1978, Mechanical Engineering courses were mainly run under Technical Education department which also coordinated other engineering courses. Mechanical Engineering courses offered under the Technical Education department were:

- Four Years Technical Education Diploma in Automotive Engineering.
- Four Years Technical Education Diploma in Production Engineering.
- One  Year Technical Teacher Education Diploma for Untrained teachers.


Other programmes related to Mechanical Engineering were run under an Industrial Education department. The graduates of these programmes were trained to teach in TIVET institutions and in secondary schools teaching industrial education.


Mackay Education Report of 1981 recommended the implementation of a new system of education in Kenya, which is commonly referred to as the 8-4-4. The new curriculum put a lot of emphasis on technical education. As a result of this, there arose a need to train more teachers to teach technical subjects in secondary schools and tertiary institutions. To meet this demand, the Four Years and Three Years Technical Education Programmes were discontinued in 1989 in favor of the One Year Technical Teacher Education Programme. In the same year, Mechanical Engineering Department was established.

For effective utilization of available human resource and facilities, and to provide many Kenyans with training opportunities, the department offers a range of Diploma programmes  which are either internally examined or examined by the Kenya National Examinations Council.

Currently, the department has 132 students pursuing various Diploma programmes in Mechanical engineering and 85 student pursuing Diploma programmes in Agriculture.

In its strategic plan, the department proposes to start Bachelor of Technology degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering and also introduce more Mechanical Engineering options at diploma level in the near future. We hope to effectively contribute to the realization of the Millennium Development goals, Kenya’s Industrialization Status by 2020 and achievement of goals and objectives outlined in Kenya’s vision 2030.




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To be a centre of Technological excellence in Mechanical Engineering



To produce quality technical teachers in Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering and competent technologists able to adapt to changes in technology



•To expand training opportunities to cater for the increasing number of Kenyans seeking higher education

•To equip trainees with skills,  knowledge and attitudes to enable them to be effective technical teachers or professionals in the Mechanical Engineering Industry.


Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Non-discrimination
  • Transparency and Accountability 
  • Teamwork