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Background Information

Department of Information studies was initially a section under the Department of Library services,offering Library User Education (LUE) services to the clientele of Kenya Technical Trainers College.The section was referred to as the Instructor Development Section.Its main Objective was to provide Library User Instructions to Technical Education students during the first three months of their course.

In January 1995, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) posted trained staff, for the first, time to teach Library User Education as a course of study. In 2001, the department started offering Diploma in Library and Information studies.Later the ,the Department of library services was split into two; Department of library services (non academic) and Department of information studies (academic).Over the years,the enrolment has been increasing due to increased demand and popularity of the course.

 Our Vision:

To be a centre of excellence in the provision of Information Studies and Library User Education in Technical education and Research.


Our Mission:

To provide quality training in information studies and Library User Education through a range of Programmes.


Our Objective:


To equip trainees with knowledge,skills and attitudes required to work in libraries,registries,archives,publishing houses,mass media centres and other information centres.


Ms, Tabitha Mwanzia


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