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Ordinary Diploma in Entrepreneurship

The students who pursue the Ordinary Diploma in Entrepreneurship obtain KNEC Diploma, after which they are expected to operate their own enterprises. As is the case with the Higher National Diploma above, they are also exposed to industries, CBO’s and NGO’s. The diploma qualifies them for the Higher Diploma Course or University Degree Course.

Technical Education Programmes


The department trains students in Entrepreneurship teaching and training skills.

They are exposed to Know About Business (KAB), an ILO designed programme to teach Entrepreneurship (EP). KAB exposes them to training techniques used in classroom and by practising entrepreneurs. It should be noted that through this programme, the department has formed great linkages with all Technical Training Institutes in Kenya, and, to some extent, the East Africa Region, where some alumni have obtained teaching jobs.


Entrepreneurship Development Department has linkages with the local Industries, NGO’s, CBO’s and Universities. It’s a requirement that students go through Industrial Apprenticeship in manufacturing/production and service industries. Since the courses offered are practical oriented, some students eventually obtain employment either as instructors or production personnel and management personnel respectively.


The Department is also linked to international bodies like ILO, which has trained some lecturers, as national trainers in KAB.