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Background Information


Besides being an admitting department, it also extends her services to the entire College. All students who enter the College gate must learn some form of computer literacy irrespective of their area of specialties. Besides the basic literacy lessons, the department also teaches these people other elective areas related to the technical and business trade areas in question. The core function is to produce Technical Teachers at diploma level in the area of Computing. These teachers find placements in the Technical Training Institutes, Secondary Schools, youth polytechnics and in private sectors. The department also prepares candidates for Diploma in Information Technology at KNEC level as well as Certified Information and Communication Technology course offered by KASNEB.


To be an international hub for excellence for computer training (Teachers / Industrialists)


 To produce Industrialists and Teachers in computing to meet the challenges of our global economy.




  •  Produce technical teachers to meet the market demand.
  •         To equip trainees with relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, to enable them serve as professional technical teachers.
  •         Develop Research skills in Technical Teacher Trainees.
  •         To strengthen the existing diploma programmes
  •         Start Higher diploma courses in Information Technology
  • To start offering degrees in Information Technology and other related courses