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The Dean of Students is concerned with students’ welfare from entry to graduation. The office has staff members whose responsibility is to help the students settle down and adjust to college life.

The students’ welfare includes:

  1. Accommodation Services - headed by the Senior Housekeeper

ü  Coordination of room accommodation

ü  Maintenance of cleanliness in and around the hostels

  1. Catering Services - headed by Senior Cateress

ü  Provision of good quality meals in a clean environment under the Pay As You Eat system

  1. Medical services - headed by the Clinical Officer

ü  Ensures that students get medical services in college and transfers complicated/serious cases to nearby hospitals

  1. Games &Sports - under the HOD PE

ü  Participation in games and sports under the Kenya Technical Institutions Sports Association

  1. Bursaries - HELB loans and bursaries and College Bursaries, CDF bursaries


  1. Clubs &Societies       

ü  Christian Union

ü  YCS

ü  Music and Drama – has been shining in the drama and music festivals nationally.

ü  Journalism

ü  Wildlife

ü  Rover Scouts

ü  President’s Award Scheme

ü  Red Cross

ü  Peer Educators

ü  Innovators Club

  1. Any social issue that can affect the students’ academic performance.


Pay As You Eat Program

  1. Payment of college fees at the F.O.
  2. Registration at the Registrar’s Office for the term.
  3. The amount paid for meals is updated in the student’s meal account by the officer assigned to do so (at the moment this is at the F.O).
  4. The student then uses the K.T.T.C Student Identity Card to access meals and the amount used for each meal is automatically deducted from the student’s meal account.
  5. If the student depletes the meal account before the end of the term, they can top up the account at the Finance Office, minimum amount for top up being Ksh. 1000






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